Louise Reeves was accused by her brother of bullying their father into changing his will to cut him out. The Court agreed and in January this year, Mr Justice Michael Green rejected the claim that Louise had bullied her father, but said she had 'pulled the wool over his eyes' so he did not understand what was in the will. He said :

'I believe that Louise is a risk taker and she can be manipulative. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it,' he said.

'I believe that she was prepared to take the risk, because the prize was so great, of being found out by the deceased in relation to the 2014 will and she would have taken the consequences.'

Worse still, he found that the solicitor who prepared the Will  'deliberately sought to conceal the full extent of their interactions in relation to the preparation of the 2014 will.' 

Louise now faces a contempt of Court application in respect of her allegedly dishonest statements, which could result in her imprisonment. On top of that, she reportedly faces a legal bill in excess of £2m. 

Probably not a risk worth taking....