Some really insightful statistics published - I was surprised to read that 3 out of 4 people will be involved in a will dispute. But there are steps that testators can take to minimise the risk of this :

1. Have a professionally drafted Will prepared by a solicitor

2. Choose appropriate Executors 

3. Take advice if you think there is likely to be a dispute

When I think of my own caseload, I can certainly relate to the statistics around male Wills being the subject of dispute, and usually between siblings. I have also acted for a few neighbours in connection with will disputes, no 'colleagues' as yet !

I have recently acted for clients who anticipate disputes in relation to wills and property after they die, and been able to take action to protect their position. 

The costs of litigating these disputes runs into the tens of thousands, prevention is better than cure.... contact me if you need advice :