The legal establishment is often the last to embrace the modern electronic world. The majority, if not all, documents when dealing with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration have to be signed personally and the original is required. 

Covid-19 has thrown this into dispute with people on lock down. Despite this the demand for wills is said to have jumped by 76%. This is said to be due to fear, and people having more time on their hands. However, Wills need to be signed in person and witnessed in person at the same time. These rules have been in place since 1837, and with the current crisis it has never been more evident that change is needed. 

Solicitors across the country are calling for change, and the Law Society and Ministry of Justice are said to be in talks regarding an overhaul of probate legislation.  It is unclear what form the new laws could take, and whether they would be temporary. However, it is apparent that clients safety is being threatened by the requirements to create a valid Will. This is along with the friends or neighbours being asked to witness, or the lawyers who find themselves trying to find appropriate ways to ensure the Wills are executed correctly whilst the vulnerable are protected.  

I, along with Lawyers across the country, wait with bated breath to see what conclusion the new legislation will take. One just hopes it will not take them too long to make a decision.