This highlights the reality of what can happen when you choose to prepare you own Will rather than instruct Solicitors and take the appropriate advice.  If a claim is made the costs involved will be significantly more than the costs of preparing a Will. It is important to take appropriate legal advice when preparing a Will, and then when the estate needs to be administered.

An Executor (Personal Representative) can be held personally liable if they do not distribute the estate in line with the Will (or intestacy rules), and for any loss resulting from a breach of duty, even if a mistake is made in good faith. It is an important job and therefore who you choose to undertake the role should be considered carefully. You must trust those who you wish to appoint, and be confident that they will be able to carry out their duties. 

If you are appointed as an Executor you should consider taking the appropriate legal advice to ensure that your position is protected, where possible, and to ensure you do not leave yourself open to a claim for mishandling the estate.